I Belong to You

“...I know I could be spending too much time with you, but time and too much, don’t belong together as we do...” Brandie Carlie's song blasted in his left ear for the thirtieth time that evening. He usually did not listen to music on auto-repeat, but somehow this was a an appropriate time to start. … Continue reading I Belong to You


Naughty Professor: Part Two

She hesitantly typed the professor’s first suggested into the computer browser then held her finger over the enter key for a second or two, knowing that she was only one click away from the point of no return.

Family Love- Part Two (First Date)

“Sorry I am late. My wife… sorry, ex-wife… Sorry, is she my ex-wife yet? Well, she seems determined to make me miss this meeting. Says a lot about your reputation, doesn’t it?” He rumbled, not giving her a chance to reply. “Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, sorry I am late. My wi... sorry, ex-wi… soon to be ex-wife took a little long to pick up the kids. It won’t happen again.”